How to take a break from Facebook friends

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

You would need to take a break from Facebook friends without having to either block them or unfriend them.

Taking a break from Facebook friends does not mean you have to totally avoid the person from appearing on your Facebook friend list, your News Feed or active friends.

break from Facebook friends

What it means to take a break from someone on Facebook are listed below;

1. You see less of their updates on your News Feed

This option allows you to limit what they post and posts they are tagged from your News Feed. You also won’t be prompted to message or tag them on your posts.

This is technically called unfollow on Facebook. In order to see their posts again, simply visit their profile and choose Follow.

2. They see less of your posts and where you are tagged

Here, you choose to add any of your friends to restricted list. When you add someone on your Restricted List, they won’t be able to see your posts that are shared with friends unless you tag them or change the post privacy to Public.

We have already shared two articles about Facebook Restricted List. They are Facebook Restricted List Privacy as Worse Than Blocking a Friend and Facebook Restricted List – What it is and How it works

You can extend to take a break from Facebook friends by either unfriending, blocking.

To unfriend Facebook friend, it means that you won’t be friends on Facebook, you won’t see each other’s posts again in News Feed.

Also to block someone on Facebook, it means that you won’t be friends on Facebook and won’t be able to contact each other through Messenger or comments and replies.

take a break facebook friends

You can take a break up from anyone else on Facebook by clicking here. When the page opens, enter the Facebook friend you would like to take a break from.

To add a specific Facebook friend on your Restricted Lists, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the person’s profile either using Facebook mobile app or web browser
  2. From the Friend’s option,
  3. Add to Restricted list.

To add multiple friends on Restricted Lists, click here to read more about it

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