Teenagers on high usage of mobile phones are prone to spinal problems

Last Updated on February 21, 2016

In a study conducted by a Mumbai-based Lilavati hospital, the study said 79 percent of the population between the age group of 18 and 44 have their cell phones with them almost all the time, with only two hours of their waking day spent without their cell phone on hand.

In addition, owing to this excessive mobile phone usage, the study also pointed out that 50%  of Indian teenagers are prone to spinal problems due to the aforementioned statistics. The problem may lead to permanent damage to their cervical spines that could lead to lifelong pain, it said. This condition is called text neck.

Where is the cervical spine? The cervical spine is delicate, flexible,  it houses the spinal cord that sends messages from the brain to control all aspects of the body. If you are always stucked with your phone, this might be a bad news for you. Instead of a normal forward curve, patients can be seen to have a backwards curve which can be degenerative, often causing head, neck, shoulder and back pain, said the study.

“People working on computers most of the day are also prone to feel pain and slight numbness in their neck and shoulders,” said Nirad S. Vengsarkar, orthopaedic surgeon at the hospital.

“Resting the chin on the chest to look at the phone stretches the spinal cord and brain stem. This can affect respiration, heart rate and blood pressure. It can also mean that happy hormones, such as Endorphins and Serotonin are not released, meaning people can wake up anxious,” said the report.

How do we avert this situation to an extent?

Neck pain is usually caused by injuries and sprains associated with the muscles, tendons, and ligaments around the cervical spine. Here are some of the 10 tips to prevent neck pain from Spine Health.

  • Position your computer screen at eye level.
    Sit comfortably in your office chair in front of your computer and close your eyes. When you open them, your gaze should be directly in the middle of your computer screen. If it is not, use books or other items to adjust the screen height.
  • Use a telephone Headset
    Be careful not to hold your phone between your ear and shoulder. A hands-free device is a great way to talk on the phone without being tempted to hold your phone incorrectly.
  • Avoid excessive phone usage on social apps
    You must not stay online on the social platforms. Time yourself on how long you will stay during chatting. It is hard to stay off from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…
  • Lay on your back while using your phone
    Lie down on your back while using your phone. Please remember to turn down your brightness to a considerable minimum percentage to avoid eye strain. Read how to turn your screen brightness to the minimum. This could help to keep your phone adjusted straight to your eyes. Here, bending your neck is eliminated.

External Link: Follow these 10 tips from to protect your neck from injury

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