How to transfer contacts from basic phone to Android phone

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

You can transfer all your contacts from a basic phone to Android smartphone. Basic phones are Chinese torchlight phones like Tecno T series ( Tecno T472,…), iTel, Infinix torchlight and others. This could only be possible if your Chinese torchlight phone has a Bluetooth and option to send a business card.

transfer contacts from tecno torchlight phone

What next?

First, note that your phone has a Bluetooth. Then, check if your Tecno torchlight or Infinix torchlight as the case may be has a provision for sending a business card or Vcard. You can check this through Phonebook > Options -> Send business Card. If you found these two options then you are few steps to go.

Transfer contacts from Tecno torchlight phone to Android

transfer contacts from tecno torchlight phone to Android phone

  1. On your Tecno, itel, Infinix torchlight phone, open Phonebook.
  2. Tap Options using the left option button
  3. Choose Mark several to select contacts to transfer to your new Android
  4. After marking those contacts, choose Send business card
  5. Turn on your Android phone’s Bluetooth
  6. It is either that you search for a new Bluetooth device or select your paired device
  7. Your transfer should be reading until completion.
transfer contacts from tecno torchlight phone to Android phone
That’s how to transfer contacts from Infinix torchlight phone to Android.

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