Twitter said to be taking action on Malicious Users

Last Updated on December 27, 2015

It might be a bit hard to believe, but Twitter has now been around for 10 years, since 2005 – although it started becoming popular in 2008 – and the site has become one of the biggest social media platforms around. It’s great for catching up on the news, as you can get it in 140 characters, giving you a quick dose of what’s going in the world, and sometimes some news you won’t find elsewhere. But the entire platform isn’t perfect, there are plenty of spam bots as well as malicious users attacking other users. Twitter is looking to go after those malicious users, according to a new report.

Twitter is looking to show these malicious users that their actions on the site, also have affects on the real world. The social media site is looking to have victims expose their abusers by revealing their real names. By doing to, Twitter is hoping to help stop these trolls as well as bullies and other harmful users. In addition to helping out their brand. This isn’t just an issue among normal users. As Twitter has had a number of celebrities and politicians close their accounts thanks to trolls. And another user, Stella Creasy, actually received rape threats from a man, who eventually was sent to prison. Another users, Sara Payne received abuse after her daughter Sarah was murdered at school. Twitter stated that they spend longer on user safety, when compared to other parts of the business. And those these “measures have directly correlated to a reduction in the amount of bad behavior.”

Having over 320 million users, Twitter is not a small site, and needs to take these malicious users seriously. It appears that is what they are doing these days, which is a great thing. Twitter is also working on bringing in more and more features to their service to keep users using the service and not going elsewhere, like their competitors, Facebook and Google+. Twitter is only worth a fraction of Facebook, but that is likely going to change in the very near future. However they need to get things under control in order for that to happen.

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