What do intelligent people do with their smartphones

Last Updated on July 29, 2016

This question has been given different answers plus ideas on Quora since last year. I came across the same question to myself yesterday and i thought about getting few ideas from Google. Today, i would not just give out a complete reference from how Quora contributors did instead i will be adding few ideas i later realized.

What do intelligent people do with their Smartphones

The word “intelligent” does not literally refer academically to our bookworms or what Nigerians call “people wey sabi book”. The intelligent people in this context are those that truly have a sound ethics when dealing with their phones. Below are some of the ideas;

  • They do not use their phones at midnight. In essence, they do not chat, check Twitter feeds, WhatsApp nor Facebook. They do these because sleep is the priority of smart people.
  • Additionally, they turn their phones off and put it away during the night in other not to sleep on top of them.
  • They rarely use their phones while charging. I know this is very hard to maintain but they do try to this especially when it is raining.
  • They turn off the notifications while they work. Because the focus is the essential component of a productive worker.

    intelligent people
    Image Credits: Forbes

More of being smart and responsible

  • They put it away when they talk to someone especially a boss, spouse. They are fully present and devoted to the person in front of them.
  • They uninstall the apps they do not use. They do this because it creates a fuzzy mind whenever they look for app to open. They become clustered.
  • They take photos. They capture the moments and memories. But they don’t look into the world through the camera.
  • They listen to podcasts and audio books on the go. That is the best usage of the time spent during travel. BUT they do not walk across the street with headset because it is a nuisance to life.
  • They buy pouch, case or screen guard to protect their phone. Do you know why? It reduces harm and expenses.
  • They never miss their messages and incoming calls unlike it is irrelevant. DON’T CALL THEM AT WORK!
  • They don’t just change their phones for the sake of new releases in the market. They use it as much as they can.
  • They have time for their phone, they have time for personal affair and work. They do not kill themselves pressing their phones because they that there time for everything.
  • They do not use their phones while driving because they understand that life is precious. Instead they use Bluetooth headset

    intelligent people
    Image credits: DailyMall
  • Finally, the intelligent people own their phone; they don’t let their phone own them.

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