What happens when I pressed Invite People to Messenger?

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

If you missed our guide on What does invite People to Messenger mean, you should probably check it out first. The invite people option on Messenger is a normal way of saying “Hey friend, come and try Messenger app. It is a cool app to send and receive Messages from Facebook friends”.

If you have ever shared an app to a friend as sms, email or through WhatsApp, there is always a small text urging them to download and use the app. This is common on referral apps that lets you make money referring people to use it.

Now, When you pressed the Invite People on Messenger button, your friend will automatically get the same version of message as shown above to install Messenger depending on what device they use.

The invite message format is usually like this

“Try out Messenger: https://fb.me/getmessenger” or “You invited someone to Messenger. It comes as an attachment”.

invite people to Messenger

The person will see it as attachment not available if they are using a different app to send and receive messages.

They will receive a message within the conversation with a link to download Messenger. This invite people button is only visible to friends that are currently not using Messenger to message others.

Also the invite people button will be visible if your contact is using a third party app to chat with you. There are a lot of apps that allows Facebook users to send and receive messages by login in with their details.

To invite people to start using Messenger, simply tap the button and leave the rest for them to follow the link to install Messenger or discard the message.

Why do I have to invite a person that already have Messenger installed?

If it took someone many days to login to Messenger, there is a chance that they are no longer using Messenger. They might have installed other apps that allow Facebook users to send and receive message while they are not using Messenger.

They can also be sending and receiving messages using Facebook web on their PC or Mac.

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