Best WhatsApp Last Seen Trick without GBWhatsApp

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

There are a lot of WhatsApp tricks over the years but there is a single and the best WhatsApp last seen trick you have not used before until today. The good thing about it is that you don’t need to uninstall WhatsApp in a bid to install GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus.

This WhatsApp last seen trick allows you to manipulate how your last seen is shown to your WhatsApp contacts. By default, there are two last seen options by WhatsApp – Show last seen to WhatsApp contacts or Nobody.

When you choose Nobody as your last seen, nobody will be able to see your last seen. They will only see you when you are currently using WhatsApp. Also, you won’t seee them too. This gives your friends on WhatsApp a negative impression that you are trying to avoid them by not telling them when last you came online.

Now, that is where this WhatsApp last seen trick comes into play. It is very smart and can fail you when you fail to use it properly.

Point to note: It is a privacy option. There is no legal issue using it.

How WhatsApp Last Seen Trick works

When your friends send messages to you on WhatsApp, there are also bunch of messages that need instant attention and some that don’t really need you to reply.

The best way to reply these messages and also stay away from opening other messages is to apply this trick. Follow the steps below

Using WhatsApp Last Seen Trick

  1. Do not open your WhatsApp yet
  2. Turn off your internet data
  3. Now open WhatsApp
  4. Reply those messages that need to be replied
  5. Do not open the messages and people that you don’t want to know that you have seen their messages.
  6. Do not also view their WhatsApp story updates.
  7. After replying those messages, close WhatsApp. You can be sure from removing it from recent apps.
  8. Now turn your internet data to allow those replied messages to be sent.

Keep repeating this step from number 1 to 8 anytime a useful friend needs your response on WhatsApp.

Now, here’s an explanation to what happens after following the steps above.

Normally, when we read messages on WhatsApp, they are marked as Read. Also when we open WhatsApp and reply to some messages without replying to others, they also see our last seen if it is set to be shown to My contacts.

Also, when we turn off our internet data and read messages without replying them, they will be marked as read when we turn back our internet data on again.

Having followed the steps above on Last Seen Trick, here is what happened.

  1. When we turned off internet data, we blocked WhatsApp from synchronizing our activity and any incoming messages by going offline.
  2. Our Messages were sent as soon as we turned back our data. WhatsApp is not like Messenger that tells our Messenger contacts that we are active simply because our data is turned on.
  3. We did not open messages that we wouldn’t want to be seen as read.
  4. Our last seen did not change after following the above steps – What it does was to record the last time we replied messages while our internet data is turned on. It should be showing after you followed our steps above

Your friends will keep wondering why your last seen is outdated while you are following their chats.

They will not understand until you tell them. To those that you didn’t open their messages, they would thought that you have been away from WhatsApp but their messages are marked delivered.

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