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 Can't Login On Tinder? This Simple Tinder Ultimate Secrets Could Be Your Life Saver Right Now!

 Tinder Doesn’t Really Suck. Your Challenge Of not Been Able To Login Back On Tinder Is Just A Matter of Few Misunderstandings.

Dear Friend,

Would you like to continue been restricted from using Tinder everyday without finding why other profiles never experienced any login issues?

My name is Chuks.  I have also believed that Tinder sucks when I couldn't login to my account for almost 10 hours. I absolutely know how it feels.

But that didn't mean I should just forget about my matches and interesting profiles I came across on Tinder. I have used Tinder for years and as a tech person, I have come across every possible issues anyone can think of. I'm not a dating coach but I know what it means to be fucked with challenges on Tinder, report threats and login issues.

Here's a BluePrint of what you are either Facing right now on Tinder.

If I could be right right now, you are here either because of the following issues:

  • You totally cannot login back to your Tinder account because of the error message something went wrong 40303.
  • You are finding it very difficult to login back because of the annoying pop up oops something went wrong, try again later.
  • You don't know wtf why you got banned on Tinder.
  • You are worried about the negative comments from your Matches on Tinder. It is either that they hate your profile photo or sick of what your bio says.
  • You totally don't understand why Tinder sucks! You can't find matches, no one repliess your messages and you're just fucked.

I don't know which of the options above identifies why you are on this page but this one thing below is your Tinder dating blockbuster.

Defining your very own reason for joining Tinder is the first step to use it effectively. People sign up on Tinder for many reasons.  It is normal even on most popular dating platforms. 

It could be to get off boredom, get rid of broken memories from failed relationships, find perfect singles around them or just to randomly get laid for perverts.

Introducing ...

The Secret to a perfect Tinder psychology that works only for you.

Everyone on online dating platform has his or her own psychology on how the dating stuff will work for them. As human beings are different, so their mindsets and thoughts are. 

I have put together this guide to help people having challenges with Tinder, report threats and login issues. I have dedicated my experiences on Tinder and app troubleshooting for more than 3 years into creating this guide just for you.

This guide contains 24 pages of everything you never thought about before signing up on Tinder for the first time. It is a comprehensive guide that doesn't talk only about why you can't login back on Tinder.

Here are the outlines in this guide...

We believe in teaching you how fish and not giving you lots of good fishes. That's why we went so far in covering everything that will change your mindset about the phrase "Tinder sucks"

  • #1 - The perfect Tinder psychology
  •  #2 - The effective Tinder matching pattern
  • #3 - Defining your mindset before sign up on Tinder
  • #4 -  Crafting your unique and effective Tinder profile. 
  • #5 -  So, how do we get started crafting your profile? 
  • #6 -  Your Tinder profile photos 
  • #7 -  Your Tinder profile bio
  • #8 -  Creating your Tinder bio
  • #9 -  Things to avoid in your bio
  • #10 - Finalizing your Tinder experience
  • #11 - Understanding and Handling Tinder errors
  • #12 -  Suspended or banned account
  • #13 -  How do I recover my matches after been banned? 
  • And many more...

What other benefits will you get?

I can help you figure out a way to recover your banned account if you're sure that you didn't deserve the unfair justice. I cannot guarantee it will work 100% but we will try our best.

I can help you create a new Tinder account. We can chat on what you really need on Tinder in order to enable us figure out the best profile persona for you.

You only pay $22

Our dedication has been to help people having challenges with Tinder, report threats, login issues and other issues on this platform.

But we have been looking for people that really appreciate the good works we have been doing for years on this blog. With the few bucks we charge you, we use them on our site maintenance and our team. As a part of your benefits, you automatically become a part of our community.

You only need to pay for $47 $22 if you can act fast. We may decide to go back to the normal price of $47 after the timer below runs down.

If you encounter some payment challenges, kindly forward me a mail so that my team will respond to you. Here is our email address - books@chuksguide.com



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