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  • Manage who sees what you post on Facebook

    Did you know that you have control over who sees what you share on facebook? Every time you post a status update, photo or video, you can choose who can see it by simply choosing an audience. Although, most people want to share things with their friends while others prefer outside their circle – public. […]

  • How to hide phone numbers on Facebook from Friends or Public

    How would you feel when someone woke you up in the middle of the night for just no special appointment. Facebook allows you to enter your phone number either as recovery option, in-call option or for people to connect you off Facebook. Not everyone would like his/her phone number to be visible on Facebook for […]

  • Facebook Safety and Privacy Tips 2018

    Yes! Facebook is a multi-million social network where we meet and discover new friends but we have to keep ourselves safe. There are certain precautions one should take in order to maintain social privacy. Facebook Safety and Privacy Tips Facebook normally upgrade their privacy features. Some years back, i was able to disable friend request […]