Facebook Safety and Privacy Tips 2018

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Yes! Facebook is a multi-million social network where we meet and discover new friends but we have to keep ourselves safe. There are certain precautions one should take in order to maintain social privacy.

Facebook Safety and Privacy Tips

Facebook normally upgrade their privacy features. Some years back, i was able to disable friend request and many others. Below are the tips;

Sharing phone number on Facebook open group

Most of the so called official groups like those of the celebrities group, organization’s and more are not really official. They might be created by some people like us in other to take one’s advantage through dubious intents. We share this our personal resource just because of the purported mere benefits attached to it. Actually, they are not just alone! There are quite haunting spirits that only join open groups in other to exploit this kind of opportunity whenever it comes.

facebook privacy and safety tips

Once they have gotten your mobile number, you have become a service to be sold. Tomorrow you start complaining why MTN or Airtel keeps sending unsolicited text messages to you. My dear, it is not only MTN or Airtel! You might even be added to any WhatsApp group through the number you shared on Facebook group. In essence, STOP this practice.

Accepting friend requests without Facebook mutual relationships

There are two issues here. If you are on Facebook just to connect to your personal friends, relations and somehow make friends from the best friends of your friends (Mutual friends), then you should be restricting your privacy to Friends.

And if you are on Facebook to create a public account in other to combine the former and create a fan base relationship with the public, then you should also consider extending your privacy to Public.

As for personal accounts, you must examine who is sending request, how many mutual friends (at least 5), do i recognize this profile photo?, who will send me friend request? and alike. To learn more about this, head to Facebook Privacy Settings

Sharing Personal details with the Public viewers

Facebook allows profile details extension. It is not only your name and birthday! You must set who and who to view your profile details. You can set these to friends only.

Be careful when updating your home address, family, mobile number, Relationship. They can either be set to “Only Me” or “Friends”. To check this details, click on your profile and head over to “About”.

Either hover over or click on the drop down arrow beside each profile fields ( home address, family, mobile number, Relationship etc) to change privacy settings.

Sharing Personal  files on private chats ( Photos, Audio clips, Videos)

This is the most avoidable of these tips. Everything is changing and probably you do not know who your real friends are. Your friend of friends can pretend to be an angel you think you know. Someone can appear to be a genuine agency that offers job or opportunity.

He / She can also pretend to be a Facebook lover or Hubby. Do not send your very own censored contents like photos or videos to anybody. You should even have a second thought of sending it to your blood relation.

If you do, your action might become your most wanted enemy and regret. I have the opportunity to have come across people under victimization of trusting Facebook friends.

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