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  • How to enable and disable Facebook Flex for Airtel users

    If you have been seeing GO TO FREE, Facebook Free Mode, Facebook Flex or Free Basics on your Facebook page without actually knowing what they really mean then you will do today. Free Basics is a project by Facebook with Airtel to help individuals leverage internet experience at no cost with a reduced functionality. ALSO […]

  • Facebook Flex : Easier way to connect on Facebook with zero data

    Facebook now offers free access to Facebook when using their free mode feature. It is caller Facebook Flex! Airtel had already worked with Facebook in 2014 in enhancing accessibility to the internet in an affordable manner through in the time of Facebook zero  and Facebook bundles. This offer is exclusively to Airtel users! Now, you can […]

  • Indian Regulator Temporarily Suspends Facebook’s Free Basics

    Free Basics, a service by Facebook initiative, is having a rough week in India. First, an email campaign by the social media network was criticized for being heavy-handed and misleading. Now Reliance Communications, one of Facebook’s partners, has agreed to temporarily halt Free Basics on its network after receiving a request from the Telecom […]