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How to enable and disable Facebook Flex for Airtel users

Last Updated on July 8, 2016

If you have been seeing GO TO FREE, Facebook Free Mode, Facebook Flex or Free Basics on your Facebook page without actually knowing what they really mean then you will do today. Free Basics is a project by Facebook with Airtel to help individuals leverage internet experience at no cost with a reduced functionality.

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As an Airtel user, you might have clicked on GO TO FREE or Facebook Free Mode on your Facebook mobile app without seeing image posts by your friends but keeps wondering why. Free mode on Facebook only allows you to browse on Facebook with disabled photos, videos i.e You cannot view photos and videos whenever you go FREE. Someone would say, “What now is the fun of Facebook without photos?”

How to enable Facebook Flex

Facebook flex means when you browse Facebook on Free Mode. It is very simple to enable Facebook flex. Lets assume that you have open Facebook mobile app.

  1. Tap on GO TO FREE. You will be automatically be switched to Free Mode.

facebook flex

How to disable Facebook Flex

There are two options you can take. Lets assume that your Facebook mobile app is still on and you are already on Free Mode.

  1. Tap on SEE PHOTOS. A pop up (modal) window will display. Just tap on USE DATA and it is done. facebook flex
  2. To disable Free modeĀ  entirely, make sure you are on Data mode. Tap on the three horizontal stacks ( Menu option) on your Facebook page, then select Facebook Free Mode. You will be taken to a Facebook Flex window. Tap on “Don’t want to use Facebook Flex?”, then tap “Remove Facebook Flex”. Now you will no longer see GO TO FREE. In case you want to use Facebook Flex again, Tap on the three horizontal stacks ( Menu option) on your Facebook page, then select Facebook Free Mode and it is done.

facebook flex facebook flex

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2 replies on “How to enable and disable Facebook Flex for Airtel users” to turn off facebook is free mood from my fb account.I have mistakenly choos the facebook is free.please help me .

Tap on the free mode icon on your Facebook app. There are steps to turn off. If there is USE DATA option, click on it to turn off Facebook free mode

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