Can you deprive your night sleep with the 4-hours 500MB MTN Pulse night plan

Last Updated on March 12, 2017

Recently, there has been changes in our local network providers like MTN on their data subscriptions slashes. Do I say that the awaited emergence of Ntel to have triggered this unusual give away? Then, that is coool!

500MB MTN Pulse night plan

Now, welcome to one of the MTN SURPRISE PACKAGE,  100% Deal Zone!. I would discuss the other surprise packages in later post. MTN pulse prepaid plan allows users to surf the Internet at a standard peak rate of 500MB from 12am-4am. Someone would say, “This could be an alternative to the former MTN night call” Though it could be true! It is called Free browsing but when I mentioned Standard peak rate, I referred to a non heavy usage. You can download larger files when you opt for this service.

The talk of the moment becomes, “Can you deprive your night sleep with the 4 hours MTN 500MB for just N25?”. If you were a fan to the MTN night call, i suppose your answer should be YES! N25 is too affordable to be dealt with. Assuming, you opt for this service for 30 days, you stand to spend only N600 for 15GB in 120 hours. If we should calculate it in number of days, you paid N600 for 15GB in 5days. The MTN guys are smart too and we are also smart.

500MB MTN Pulse night plan

I have confirmed this offer to be true. Yes,  I like cheaper things just like ordinary Nigerians do. If you are not the type that stays awake from 11pm or you go to work by 8am, you shouldn’t try this. To opt for this offer, you needed to be on MTN pulse plan. You can simply dial *406# or *406*1#. Remember, you can only migrate uncharged when you have not migrated to any other plan in 30 days.

To opt in,  send an sms to 131 as in the below format.
“Night” to 131 without the quotes.

Once a successful welcome message has been sent, you only need to exercise some patience till 12am. You can now chat, video call?, voice calls, stream short videos and many more at 500MB.

Do not miss 5 o’clock sleep!

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