What Next after buying Android Smartphone?

Last Updated on October 23, 2016

Now that you have acquired that cute baby, smartphone (Android), i hope you feel so good! If you are yet to buy a new Android smartphone, you should check few things to consider before buying it. Proceed if you already gotten your device with you. You are reading this post because you want to know what next with your new Android smartphone.

 buying Android Smartphone

What Next? Probably your new Android smartphone should be empty without your favourite customization. Normally, Android new phones are preloaded or pre-installed with manufacturer’s apps. For Samsung users, you would see “KNOX, My Wallet, Samsung Apps, S Planner…”, For Tecno, “Assistant” while other apps are either sponsored or user’s favorite. They are “Facebook, WhatsApp, Hangouts etc.”

In this post, I have listed few important what next an ardent Android fan would seek for his/her new smartphone.

#1 Buy Glass Screen Guard for Touchscreen and pouch

 buying Android Smartphone - glass screen guard

Glass screen guard are indeed saviour to our breakable touchscreen. It has reduced the intensity in breaking your device touchscreens. It is not a guarantee that your phone would not get cracked when stepped upon or fall off height. Don’t wait till money comes instead go look for attachable screen guard for your phone.

Pouch on the other hand prevent direct shock to the phone. It can save your device case from hitting directly on the ground. Your phone remains newer everyday.

#2 Update Google Play Store and Play Services

 buying Android Smartphone - play services

Technically, this should be your first instance of What Next. New smartphones are shipped with some important Google apps, Play store and Play services. These two core apps can decide the functionalities of other installed third party apps. Although, your Android phone can work without either Play store or Play services. Some apps would require the resourcefulness of Play services. They would not work without Play store being updated to recent version.

Take a glimpse at Microsoft PC. Software that require Microsoft .NET framework won’t install unless .NET is installed and updated. The need to update these Google apps especially Play services arises from the differences in manufacturer’s releases and shipment. We know that Android developers don’t joke with releasing app updates. So if your device has Play services version 8.x.xx but your Gmail app needs version 9.x.xx and above to run smoothly. You update it.

#3 Add Google Account

Adding your Google account doesn’t mean to read and send emails. Like I do, I create backup of my contacts to Google contacts – meaning, all my contacts are stored on Google server. I may not know what exactly happen to your former Android device. You may decide to restore all contacts stored on Google, sync mails, load browser’s data and saved locations.

If you are yet to store contacts to Google, you should probably check some of my earlier posts – Google contact better than MTN Backup and how to recover contacts in a simple click.

#4 Install or update WhatsApp, Facebook, WhatsCall and Messenger

These four apps are never do with apps. You must use them at least once a day. Without proper introduction on these apps – WhatsApp, Facebook and Messenger are among the most commonest yet popular Android app almost every user use on daily basis. Why should you update WhatsApp, Facebook and Messenger?

Even Android phones that come with pre-installed WhatsApp also need updates. You would need to update these apps owing to their constant bug fixes and improvements. For continued access to WhatsApp, one must update to its latest version. These apps offer great features like change nicknames on Messenger, WhatsApp text formatting – bold italics and strike-through, playing games on Messenger, Facebook reactions and so many. Without update, one could hardly engage oneself with them.

What about WhatsCall? WhatsCall lets you make calls ,both local and international, free of charge. Installing WhatsApp now give you extra option to save airtime cost. Learn more about WhatsCall

#5 Install Stubborn Trojan Killer

Sounds weird right? Stubborn Trojan Killer has been saving so much life from embarrassment. Stubborn Trojan Killer scans and uninstall suspected trojan infested apps. Have you experienced phone downloading apps and games on itself whenever data is tirned on? That is a typical example of what Stubborn Trojan Killer encounters. Sometimes, phones display annoying photos of girls. These automatic installed apps fail to uninstall.

This app would force these activities to be stopped. It is a must have app for new users.

#6 Install Multimedia apps – Viva Video, Line camera or  AirBrush.

These multimedia apps does not replace your device stock app. They add extra functionalities:

Viva Video (FREE) – Creates videos and edit to add functionalities.
Line Camera – Acts a camera, image editor, collage maker etc.
 AirBrush: is an easy but advanced photo editor.

These few lists are quite important. You should check on them

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