How to fix Alipay Tourpass Fund Loading Failed Error Message

Last Updated on April 14, 2021

If you receive the error message “Fund Loading Failed: the current transaction is risky and we interrupted the transaction for your security.” while trying to fund your Alipay Tourpass wallet, then are few things you may need to try.

Note: The most chance of getting this Tourpass error message, Fund Loading Failed, is usually from the Alipay verification process.

If you used anything apart from Passport, you may experience this issue.

If you have tried to log in on Alipay with different devices while your account is currently logged in on both devices, you may get this challenge.

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What to do to fix Tourpass Fund Loading Failed?

Try any of these methods below;

  1. Log out every device you’re logged in with Alipay. Then log in to the first device you started running Tourpass on.

    If Alipay notices different devices on a particular account, it may signal a red flag on that account.

    They can trigger security restrictions on the account. The only way to sort this out is by logging out from other devices.

    If it doesn’t work, you may need to mail Alipay about the challenge. Send an email to Alipay’s email account here -> service[@] in order to lift it.

  2. Try another card. You can try Mastercard or Visa card. If it fails, log out of Alipay. Try to login again in few hours -1 hours or 24 hours later.

Any of the above, will work for you.

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