7 Steps to make your Android battery last longer

Last Updated on February 8, 2017

It is obvious that some Android batteries could not take one up to desired number of hours. On the other hand, some Android phones especially MediaTek manufacturers have made some move to taking advantage of battery drain.

Making your Android battery last longer requires some personal hacks. It is not just a matter of how many  energy/battery savers you currently have installed or your device battery capacity. In this post I will walk you through with some useful hacks.

Steps to extend Android battery life

1.  Good battery

There are a lot of Android batteries on the market. Almost all smartphone manufacturers do not have the room for a backup battery. Once your  battery develops faults, it is either you buy a new phone or sought for varieties of third party battery from accessory vendors.

There are still original battery for your device. You have to be careful when buying from a trusted phone accessory retailer. How do I know original battery for your device? Make sure you check your manufacturer’s accessory page for more information.

2.  Good Android charger

In a post I earlier shared,some best Android chargers, I discussed about some self-trusted chargers you should use. Good chargers are in the market but they are exceptionally costlier than what we buy.

Bad chargers can lead to wearing away of battery strength either through unregulated voltage or lesser capacity.

You should spend more on battery and chargers first.

3.  Battery drain percentage

Studies have showed that leaving your battery to drain at most 80℅ of its juice. That is, your battery should be left with at least 20℅ or less before a continuous slow charge.

4.  Charging cycles

The bad practice would be constantly charging of battery at its high unused percentages. Learn to charge whenever it drops lower. It may not too convenient in area of epileptic power.

5.  Battery hibernating app/ battery saver

Use strong energy savers like Clean master for non rooted devices or Greenify for Xpose users.

Some battery savers sometimes hinder your battery from charging and drain more juices than it saves. Clean master is ideal app for you. It is free.

6.  Preferrable temperature

Some batteries perform very well in a conducive temperature. The normal temlerarure falls between 37 degree celcius.

7.  Manage screen display intensity

Reduce the screen brightness and/or screen timeout. Auto mode is recommendable or try screen filter apps.

I hope you find this post useful.


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