AT&T Outage: Why can’t I make calls, Slow internet?

AT&T Outage: Why can’t I make calls, Slow internet?

Last Updated on May 18, 2022

If you live in the Newton, Dallax, Miami ,Marysville , Round Rock, TX , West Tawakoni Tx, Jacksonville , Chanute and to name a few, you might have been affected by either no internet, slow network, you can’t make calls nor text. This should not be the first time a situation like this has happened with AT&T outage.

at&t outage

A lot of things could be the issues. The most likely of them is outage. There are two forms of outage.  It could be either internet outage or phone outage.

The solution is not in the case of switching carriers. Other carriers like Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon are not saint to be affected.

It becomes very frustrating when you’re affected by both phone and internet outage. In this situation, you cannot do anything. You cannot receive calls nor make calls, no internet. You’re literally on black out.

It becomes even worse when it has lasted for more than 24 hours. Normally, outages be it AT&T outage or Verizon outage, it normally takes few hours to be online.

But in a case where it has taken 7 hours, 24 hours, 2 days…that is frustrating!

Meanwhile it is not a 5G issue.

How do I fix AT&T outage?

To be honest, you cannot do anything on your own. But if you can still make calls, you can easily reach out to AT&T customer service. Even though, the customer service can assure you that everything works well now but yet nothing still reflects on your end positively.

If you found out that your sibling or neighbour was not affected by the AT&T issues, then it simply targeted to a certain customers.

Here is what I mean

Carriers have a lot of subscribers. Each customer is tied to a particular server. You may not sharing the same server with your sibling or neighbor. Probably the section affected were just limited to some subscribers.

It is either the server is broken or a fiber drops .

In a case where you cannot make calls, receive calls, browse the internet, you should be needing a wifi as an alternate to stay online.

You can get a secondary basic phone with a different carrier so that you can easily switch in case of emergencies.

I hope this post was useful.

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