4 Best Chargers for Android Phones – Samsung,Tecno, Gionee, Infinix, iTel

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Best Chargers for Android Phones

Smartphones are fun with good chargers – how fast they add current to battery and their consistencies. But getting the right secondary charger has been a challenge. Secondary chargers are chargers you buy in replacement to the one shipped with your phone. It is usually your brand charger which offers greater consistency and reliability during charging.

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It is common to come around chargers that it take 30 minutes to add 10%, battery drops while charging, phone charges only when phone is turned off or phone cannot charge when data is turned on. These are magics you encounter with most secondary chargers. In this post, I have four reliable, tested and best chargers for Android phones like Samsung, Tecno, Infinix, Gionee, iTel, LG, HTC and other numerous Android devices.

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They are not just best chargers for Android phones, they are faster. It can take less than 30 minutes to charge your battery from 5% to 100%. This is no exaggerations!

Note: There are other numerous secondary best charges for Android phones but these few are tested under my watch.

List of 4 Best Chargers for Android Phones

  1. Playbook Charger for Blackberry
  2. Amazon Charger
  3. Infinix Charger
  4. Griffin Charger

#1 Playbook Charger for Blackberry

Best Chargers for Android Phones
Playbook Charger for BB ©ChuksGuide

Playbook charger was initially made for Blackberry phones. It is a non detachable charger bearing the logo of Blackberry on top. It was rumored to be official blackberry charger especially the BB10s. But the truth is, it was among the first charger to spot fast charge capability.

This charger can charge your battery faster than you expect. It charges every Android device whether Samsung or LG. It has been produced in larger quantities for other devices.

The price of Playbook charger would be at the range N1,500 – N2,500

#2 Amazon Charger

Best Chargers for Android Phones - Amazon charger
Amazon charger ©ChuksGuide

This is a miracle working charger for Android phones. Without exaggerating, it can take only 20 minutes to complete your battery charging cycle. Amazon charger may not have affiliation with the giant e-commerce company, Amazon but it worth the name.
Amazon charger has two types – attachable USB cable and non attachable like that of Playbook. Although, there are different versions of this charger. Luckily, there is a single sign to separate the sheep from the flock. The original Amazon charger has the engraved USB symbol at either cable port.

Best Chargers for Android Phones - USB symbol
USB symbol at both USB mouth ©ChuksGuide

If it does not have this USB symbol, it is liable to be fake.
The price of Amazon charger starts from N1,800 – N2,500

#3 Infinix Charger

Best Chargers for Android Phones - Infinix Charger
Infinix charger ©ChuksGuide

This Infinix charger has been said to be official Infinix charger from its HOT Zero. The charger is quite reliable and fast. It is a detachable charger with USB cable usually white in color.
The price of Infinix charger starts from N1,500 – N2,000

#4 Griffin Charger

Best Chargers for Android Phones - Griffin charger
Griffin charger ©ChuksGuide

Griffin charger? It is referred to as switching mode power supply. The deisgn is really unique like a two way street. It is also a detachable charger with USB cable. It has a yellow LED showing its charging status.
Griffin offers an output voltage of 5V which is equivalent to 2400mA. If your device battery capacity is between 2400mA to 4000mA, it would be the fastest charger one could get. Orice from N1,500 – N2,000


I would recommend all the chargers but Amazon charger is a must have for your Android phone. Amazon is the antidote for batteries like that of Samsung phone tries to prove selective phone. In a more convenient way, they are the best chargers for Android phones. Go buy any of these and feel the complete Android fun.


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  1. 1. The 2 usb way of amazon 2.4a it good for Android
    2. What can cause that infinix charge quickly burn
    3. Newage chargers

    • One of your pins in your Infinix ports is scratching the charger port. This might cause it to corrode from the scratching. You may need to change charging port or always use a step down to charging your phone to maintain voltage stability.

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