Best and Most Cheapest MTN Data Plans 2017

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

There are numerous MTN data plans for both mobile and Desktop users. But the difficulty arises from considering which of these MTN data plans are really suitable for particular need.

For smartphone and PC users, there are range of MTN data plans one can choose from depending on user’s usage. This ranges from Daily to 3-Months plan.

So, In this article I will show us how to consider the best MTN data plans that will be suitable for your need.

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Choosing The Best MTN Data Plans

Cheapest MTN Data Plans 2017

MTN Daily Plan

This plan works only for 24 hours. You have the option to automatically renew one data plan. MTN daily plan comes in two varieties. They are

  • 50MB Daily plan for N100 and
  • 100MB Daily plan for N200

To subscribe MTN daily plan; For 30MB dial *131*104# and 
100MB dial *131*113#.

Now, let say that you spend N100 everyday till 30 days which is 1 month. You just spent N3,000 on 1.5GB. This means that you have just exhausted 1.5GB of data one would have gotten with N1,000 for three months.

Verdict: Not necessary unless you only needed less than 50MB with N100 for non-repeated purpose.

MTN Weekly Plan

Weekly plan is valid till 7 days. You also have the option to choose either 150MB or 1042MB (1GB) respectively. Here are the plans

  • 150MB Weekly plan for N300
  • 750MB Weekly plan for N500. If you are a Pulse subscriber, you will receive 1GB instead of 750MB.

To subscribe for weekly plan, dial *131*103# or *123*3*1*2*1#. For data balance, dial *131*4#

Now, lets say I’m an MTN Pulse subscriber, I would get 1GB for N500. If I can use up to 1GB within a week, that means that I will be spending x4 MTN weekly plan.

If we do our maths well, I would spend N2000 for 4GB monthly.

Verdict: It is quite good.

MTN Monthly Plan

This is a 30 days data bundle plan. It is not necessary that one’s Internet data plan must be intact for up to 30 days. Everything depends on your activity with your data plan. Most times, Monthly Internet plans do not usually stay up to 2 weeks.

In order to measure how well this can take you, you have to know how you’ll use it – YouTube, HotSpot, Social media. Although, MTN Monthly plan comes in 5 different packs. They include

  • 1.5GB for N1000
  • 3.5GB for N2000
  • 5GB for N3500
  • 22GB for N10000

To subscribe MTN Monthly data plan;

  • For 1.5GB dial *131*106 to subscribe,
  • 3.5GB dial *131*110 to subscribe
  • 10GB dial*131*116 to subscribe
  • 22GB dial *131*116 to subscribe

Everything depends on how one consumes data bundle.

If I can spend up to 3.5GB monthly, I would be charged N2000. This might not be too wise when I can get extra 500MB by compiling Weekly bundle at N500.

Also, If I could consume up to 5GB of data within 30 days for N3500, it might also not be too wise when I could save extra N1500 by accumulating N500 Weekly Plan. Doing this, I would spend only N2000 to get 4GB thereby having an additional balance of N1500.

Verdict: Hmmm! MTN Weekly Plan is quite better halfway. If you consume more than 1.5GB every month, then MTN Weekly plan is the best choice for you. Some people find it hard to exhaust 1.5GB on monthly basis. If 1.5GB is excess for your monthly usage, then MTN Montly data plan is right for you.

Other MTN Data Plans include;

2-Months Plan

50GB 2-Months Plan that cost N20,000. This MTN data plan is valid for 60 days. It is designed in a way that user will exhaust 25GB per month.

To subscribe for 2 months MTN data plan, dial *131*118#

3-Month Plan

85GB 3-Months Plan that cost N50,000. This MTN data plan is valid for 90 days. Also designed in a way that user will exhaust about 28GB per month.

To subscribe for 2 months data plan, dial *131*133#

Weekly Data Plan VS Monthly VS 2-Months Plan VS 3-Months Plan

I think i would leave you to make the right decision for your Internet experience. There is no general best MTN data plans for every single Internet usage. You choose the best data plan that is suitable for your daily Internet needs.

To check MTN Internet bundle balance or data balance dial *131*4#

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