[SOLVED] I cannot reply to Facebook Stories

Last Updated on June 21, 2021

If you find it very hard to reply to your friend’s Facebook stories or Facebook status, he or she has not blocked you.

Sometimes when you want to reply to a friend’s Facebook story, it will appear to be sent not yet sent. It happens in few cases.

The simple guide to quickly reply to Facebook stories is simplified below;

How to reply to Facebook Story

  1. Tap on the friend’s Facebook status to reply
  2. Tap on send message
  3. Enter what you want to reply
  4. Click on the send button
  5. If it fails to send, tap on the ENTER key on your keyboard to create some empty spaces
  6. You can tap it up to 5 times then click the send button
  7. Your reply should be sent

In order to avoid this challenge, quickly update your Facebook app.


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