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Can’t Install Facebook and Messenger on Infinix Hot 4

Last Updated on April 17, 2018 by Chuks Amobi

I want to be straight to the point why you can’t install Facebook and Messenger on either your Hot 3 or Hot 4. You are not the only one experiencing this particular K-leg recently.

You can’t install Facebook on your Infinix device either because you just updated your firmware to a recent version. This is usually when updated to beta versions of Nougat, Marshmallow. Also, you couldn’t update Facebook or Messenger at this point whereas other apps work very well.

How do I fix why I can’t Install Facebook and Messenger

There are options you may follow to permanently fix this. They are;

If first and second options fail, the final option can be a sure-fire. Though you might lose your installed apps, games, contacts. You may also need to read how you can backup and restore all your contacts . You can also quickly export your contacts into your SD card, then import it later after factory reset. Or you can go straight to install Super backup to restore all your contacts, messages, call history and more.

For lost photos during factory reset, you might love to read how you can recover lost photos without PC

I hope the above fix your Infinix vs Facebook problem…

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Updated on April 17, 2018

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  1. I hav this problem since infinix dont want to rectify it. it is shameful

  2. strange vertical line is appearing on my 3month old hot4

  3. I can’t install facebook and messenger on my infinix hot 4 phone… please I need help

    1. I can’t install facebook and messenger for infinx hot 4

  4. Is really shamefull tha when u update ur hot 4, facebook app won’t install, really infinix company u are somehow a disappointment!

  5. so did anyone actually fix this problem on their infinix note4?

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