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CES 2016 : LG Products Now Available For Pre-Order

Last Updated on January 6, 2016

It’s not unusual for us to wait for months before new products that have been unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show arrive in the market. That’s almost always how it is and many products that have been announced this year are sticking with the tradition. LG is playing a bit different this time around, the company has announced that all of its home entertainment products unveiled at CES 2016 are immediately available for pre-order.

LG home entertainment products that are included in this pre-sale include the ridiculously thin flagship E6 OLED 4K TV for $6,999, its Super UHD TV for $2,999 as well as the Ultra Wide Monitor for $1,199.

Other products include the PS Portable Bluetooth Speaker that goes for $99, the LED projector and the ultra short throw LED home theater projector.

All of these products are being displayed in LG’s booth at CES 2016 until January 9th in Las Vegas. Customers can visit to see all of the aforementioned products that are now available for pre-order.

Pre-orders can be made through as well as other participating online retailers. This is the first time that LG is doing this, putting up its brand new home entertainment products up for sale to customers online, even before the products have been officially rolled out at retail stores.

Image Credit : RedShark

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