Add Duta WhatsApp LIVE commentary Coverage to any match

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Duta WhatsApp LIVE commentary Coverage is a recent feature added by Duta on its WhatsApp service for football news updates.

Duta WhatsApp LIVE commentary Coverage
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Unlike other Duta WhatsApp football news updates that allows you to only receive recent football news, match fixtures, this service allows you add your own commentary to Duta’s LIVE Coverage of any football match.

How does Duta WhatsApp LIVE commentary?

Duta WhatsApp LIVE commentary Coverage

In order to add your own commentary on your Duta WhatsApp Football group, you have to separate your own comments so that Duta will add your comments to the commentary feeds on WhatsApp.

For this to work, Duta has specified a dynamic hashtag for every single football match. The hashtag changes depending on the match.

For example, if Chelsea is playing against Bournemouth, the hashtag for the commentary will be #Duta CheBou or #duta chebou. It doesn’t matter how you write it as long as you don’t miss the letters.

How to add commentary follow up on WhatsApp group

Duta WhatsApp LIVE commentary Coverage
Duta WhatsApp LIVE commentary Coverage

To start using Duta WhatsApp LIVE commentary, you need to follow the steps below

  1. Follow and subscribe to a match on Duta. Read our guide on how to do it
  2. Type your comment with the hashtag given by Duta on the particular match
  3. Create a separate a separate group with a number provided by Duta for that particular match.This separate group will only display the commentary made by all other users on Duta

Other features of Duta WhatsApp Group LIVE Commentary coverage.

Duta WhatsApp LIVE commentary Coverage

  1. You can reply to someone else comments by simply using the WhatsApp reply button
  2. Reply to a Duta comments using emoji
  3. You can view other Duta comments by typing #duta comments
  4. You can also like and unlike someone’s comments by using emoji
  5. You can also stop Duta WhatsApp LIVE commentary Coverage service

How to Add Duta WhatsApp football updates

  1. Add +91 9043011840 to your phone contact
  2. Create a WhatsApp group.
  3. Add the contact you created in step 1 into your newly created group.
  4. Once done, you would be welcome with a message
  5. Type a chat in this format “+football” and send. Don’t include this ” ” .
  6. Done. You will start to receive football news, rumours, transfer.

At the end of each march, Duta’s editors will pick the best fan comments and send them out as part of their LIVE coverage.


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