Facebook Did You Know – How to add answer to it and how it works

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Recently, teams at Facebook introduced an amazing feature that has turned their users much interested in. It is called the Facebook Did You Know.

In Facebook Did You Know, it brings random questions that you are required to add  answer and then share to your friends on Facebook. Some of the questions are;

  • The best thing in life are…
  • Between sunrises and sunset, I prefer …
  • Something that always makes me smile is …
  • The music genre I listen to most is …
  • The food I could never give up is …
  • and more

How to create Facebook Did You Know and add answer to them

Facebook Did you know
Facebook Did you know


  1. Open Facebook
  2. Go to your Timeline or profile page
  3. Scroll down a bit before you could see your previous posts
  4. Tap on Did You Know          + Add Answer
  5. If you would like to switch to a new question, then tap NEW QUESTION
  6. Create Facebook Did you know and learn how it works
    Answered a question

    Add answers to it

  7. Then tap POST

We hope you found it very useful

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