Facebook Manifesto, Updates for Android

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Earlier this week, Zukerberg in his manifesto of 6000 word letter to save the world showed that there is future from Facebook. In this manifesto, he expresses his plans to make the world a better place by connecting everything in meaningful ways.

Facebook Manifesto Updates

Facebook to using more AI (Artificial intelligence) to achieve their goals including safety – Zukerberg added. According Facebook, some of their focus and visions are;

  • Building stronger communities both online and offline
  • Creating better tools for safety and emergency response both offline and offline
  • Surfacing more diverse perspectives around news, and killing what he (Zukerberg) calls sensationalism
  • Creating better guidelines for what’s appropriate and inappropriate on Facebook.

Facebook Updates version and later

Facebook Manifesto Updates
Updated Facebook for Android  ©ChuksGuide

When you open Facebook on Android, there are usually a four tab icons for Feeds, Friend request, Notifications and Menu options. But now, it has only three tab icons – Feeds, Notifications and Menu options.

Under the Feed tab, it has extra two options below the layout – HOME and EXPLORE. The HOME shows feeds from your friends activities. EXPLORE shows liked page activities only. From Notifications, it joins both notifications, friend requests, app requests with options to accept or ignore.

Facebook updates
New layout for Pages ©ChuksGuide

Another major Facebook updates is the recommendation option. Recommendation shows when a friend posts to get ideas from friends especially when a friend needs suggestions.

When you move to managed Pages, both “Post”, “Photo”, “Promote” and “Edit” options are sticky below the app layout in a dark outline.

In addition, Messenger allows emoji from Gboard on its platform.

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