How to find out who hacked my Facebook Account

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

The correct question would have been “Is it possible to know who hacked my Facebook Account?”.This is because hacking Facebook accounts can come in different ways – it could be through someone you know or a scripted attack usually bot.

You can only find out who hacked your Facebook account if they are real people and not bots. Being real people should be someone you have come across sometimes ago or a friend. But in the case of scripted attacks on vulnerable Facebook accounts cannot be traced because they were not physical.

Now, it is slightly possible to track who hacked one’s Facebook account. This could be done in either three ways. One of these is a popular method where one tracks login sessions.

Find out who hacked my Facebook Account

  1. Check Where You’re Logged In
  2. Check Your Account Activity Log
  3. Checking Your Timeline for active posts
  4. Track logged in IP

Check Where You’re Logged In

Where You're Logged In.


This Facebook security feature allows account owners to access how, where and when their account has been accessed. This include device which was used to login to your account, browser or device, date, time, Operating system, location and IP.

It is left for you to know exactly how you have logged in to your account. You don’t need to be reliable on these data because they can be compromised by some smart hackers. This includes location, device, browser and IP. IP and location can be altered using a VPN while device, browser can be also altered using a User Agent browser extension.

But, you don’t need to give up. You could use the details to find out who especially when you have suspicion on someone else. The device, location, operating system can be asset for you. Click here to access Where You’re Logged In

View Your Account Activity Log

Activity Logs can be found on your profile page whether you are using Facebook mobile app or PC. This option shows the recent activities on your account. This include everything like friend request accepted, comments and likes on posts, page likes, posts and everything about Facebook.

This could be useful to find out who hacked one’s Facebook Account. Hackers has different aims to hacking someone’s account. Someone can hack one’s account to sniff out personal information, promote pages or links.

In this case, you can quickly find out what exactly happened on your profile. See how it is possible;

If your Activity Logs recorded Page likes, you should write down the page detail. Then use someone’s account to access everything about the page. Check the About page very well. You could find the contact number, website links and possible page admin.

If it was a website link, you can also note the website address. Browse the website for contact page or email. I hope that helps.

Checking Your Timeline for active posts

This option is almost similar to Check Your Account Activity Log. Simply check your account timeline to know what have been shared, posted. You could repeat the cases on number 2 approach above (accessing pages and links)

Track logged in IP

You should see logged in IPs on Where You’re Logged In. You can track the IP to know every single details of the IP. There are some website that tracks IP and location. They can tell you almost what happens on the IP.

This service might be premium. There are some guys that do the job for a living. You could meet them for some help.

I have shared articles on how you can protect your Facebook account from being hacked. The article contains more than 8 guides to keep you irresistible. Even if your account has been compromised so well, you can also recover hacked Facebook Account using this link.

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