How to get up to 5000 likes on your Facebook Posts

How to get up to 5000 likes on your Facebook Posts

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

On Facebook, Most people are too worried about the performance of their posts especially likes and comments. Some people go as far as deleting any post with no or low likes. I recently asked someone what it means to have likes on photos and status – He responded that many likes show how popular you are. That is why some people feel unsatisfied when it comes to zero or little likes on their posts.

Naturally, one can get likes from friends, followers and friends of friends. But it all depends on how influential one become on social media. Getting real likes from your friends might not be too huge to the size of 2K likes on a single post especially when one has less than 4K friends and followers. Even people that have up to 5000 friends hardly get 1K likes. Everything depends on how viral, capturing and how reactive you are to other people when it comes to engaging to their own posts.

In this post, I have gathered 3 perfect ways to get up to 5000 likes on your Facebook posts. You don’t need to tag 1000 friends in a post to appeal for their favor to like on your post. You can actually get these huge likes even when you have less than 200 Facebook friends. It is a relax and wow my friends trick.

Disclaimer: ChuksGuide won’t be held responsible if in any way your Facebook account become compromised or blocked. This post is only for educational purpose and for those who would try any possible means to increase their post engagements under favourable and non favourable condition.

These Facebook auto likers are

  1. Official-Liker PRO
  2. Hublaa PRO
  3. Monsterlikes

But the real truth is that these methods are automated likes. Facebook don’t smile on anyone practicing these methods. They can get your account blocked for spamming on its platform. There’s a sort of relief from these auto generated Facebook likes – They affirm their users that Facebook will never ban/block anybody for using their services. The have their own server which doesn’t rely on Facebook’s…

Are these 5000 likes real and Trusted?

From my study, they look very simple. Unlike other services like these sometime embed content locking or other affiliate surveys before you may see something happen. In these three methods, they give you likes without stressing you to complete a survey. They have both free and premium versions but you can still get up to 5000 likes on your Facebook posts whether free or premium.

How do they make their own revenue? They run Google ads on their platform and some affiliate offers. Also from their premium version too.

How do they work?

How to get up to 5000 likes on your Facebook Posts

  • First, you need to change your Privacy Settings under Who can look me up and Who can see my stuff to Everyone in order to allow people find and like your posts. You can follow this link to do that quickly. You don’t need to be afraid on this one.
  • You need to login into Facebook either on these sites using your username and password. This is where it can be prying. It may be a phished request to grab your Facebook details but if you really want to try this 5000 likes on your status or photo, then continue. I have tested all these three auto likers site too.
  • Once your username and password are inserted, you click on Generate Token
  • Once Token is generated, you can simply copy everything into the Token Box below. You can save this Token somewhere for future reference. You don’t need to generate Token anytime, you only need to paste that which you earlier generated into its box
  • Then Login.
  • You can try any of the Facebook auto liker tool. Select any of your post to boost its likes.
How to get up to 5000 likes on your Facebook Posts
Generating like with Kurd-Liker

You can specify the amount of likes from 20 – 200 likes per single click. You are giving an interval 10 minutes to repeat the process to increasing your posts.

How do they make people like your Posts

The people that liked your posts did not know that they did. Any single like that is not from your friend comes from a public Facebook profile. Also, you can specify likes from your own country too.

How to get up to 5000 likes on your Facebook Posts
I was able to generate 200 likes in less than 2 hours. I was reluctant

My final say, Don’t try any of these if you may not wish your account to be blocked by Facebook any time. In the image above, I tried it on my account to make sure that everything works as expected and they did. It was for educational purpose and to my own detriment if anything had happened to my account. I may try it sometime to update its effectiveness on this post.

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