How to Get FREE Google Play, XBOX, Amazon Gift Cards

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Now, Get rewarded for playing fun games, trying new apps and watching cool videos. You could also get PayPal cash for free. Isn’t that cool?

Introducing the simplest and the superfast app to earn you the gift cards, rewards and PayPal Cash for free!

You just have to complete some easy tasks which mainly comprise of downloading an app and you’ll be reward with Paypal Cash, iTunes gift cards, Google Play and Amazon gift cards when you earn enough points.

Earn gift cards to popular retailers (Amazon, Xbox, Google Play, and more) and free in-game currencies (Gems, COD Points, Diamonds, Fifa Coins, and more), just for discovering the newest Android games and apps.

How to get Google Play, XBOX, Amazon Gift Cards FREE

All you need is to download FreeMyApps. Over $31 Million in Gift Cards Earned using FreeMyApps. It is available on App store and Play Store.

Features of FreeMyApps

free amazon gift cards

  1. It’s easy to earn rewards with FreeMyApps:
  2. Install FreeMyApps & register with a verified Facebook* account (*required).
  3. Download the latest free apps & hottest new games & watch fun new videos.
  4. Earn credits for every app, game & video you try.
  5. Redeem your credits for free gift cards, gems, and more!

Available FREE Gift cards and Rewards

  • Google Play & iTunes
  •  Amazon & Visa Prepaid
  • Steam, Xbox & PSN
  • Sephora, CVS, WalMart & Target
  • Starbucks, Dominos & Groupon
  • Skype, AT&T & Verizon
  • Hulu, Redbox & Fandango
  • Gamestop & Best Buy
  • All in-game currencies, like Clash of Clans & Clash Royale Gems, COD Points, Boom Beach – – Diamonds, & Hearthstone Ice
  • Charities and non-profits like ALS, Red Cross, ASPCA, Habitat for Humanity, Somos Amigos, – Planetary Society, UNICEF, & Tony Hawk Foundation

How To Use FreeMyApp?

  1. Download and Install FreeMyApp From the Links Given Below.
  2. Now open app
  3. Tap Continue using Facebook  for free gift cards to sign up and enter promo code : ac9dcddb
  4. Now Install one app to get 500 Credit (2$)
  5.  keep app installed and keep earning for 3 days to get 5$ bonus.
  6. Enjoy Free Gift Cards

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