Gionee Marathon M5 appears as the current demanding smartphone in Nigeria

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

gionee m5

Amidst Nigeria’s finest smartphone leader board, Tecno Camon C9 and Infinix Hot 3, there came up Gionee Marathon M5 currently the most demanding Android smartphone in Nigeria. My assertion over this is certain! I have friends that run mobile stores and they update me with latest reactions in mobile market. I was meant to understand that Gionee Marathon M5 is almost out of stock. Why?

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Gionee Marathon M5 was released earlier this year and sold at N55,000 on Konga. As a result of the Nigeria’s dwindling economic value, it has gone up to N60,000 on Konga. As you already know, mobile phones are at their price peak. Users now find it difficult to sell theirs to obtain a newer device. Imagine buying a used Gionee M5 at the alarming rate of N45,000. And these are why M5 is almost out of stock. You can see it as available on online stores but they are too scarce.

Why do everybody suddenly loves Gionee Marathon M5

Good products sell because of extra added advantages others could not offer you.

Battery life was never a problem back then until it has become a major concern since touchscreen smartphones. I would say that the most enticing factor of Gionee Marathon M5 is its insane 6020mAh battery life to power your device till your data finishes. Tecno has come up with 5020mAh. Gionee M5 might be seen as both a smartphone and a power bank. I have heard about its reverse charging yet to confirm with the claim. M5 reverse charging should charge other phones when plugged with OTG cable. Has someone done that?

Gionee Marathon M5 is a combination of a metal back case and plastic body. Lets say that M5 s sturdy and well built and in the other way round heavy to handle. It also comes with Amigo 3.1 UI just like the HiOs of Tecno. The Infra-red (IR) blaster turns your Gionee M5 into a remote control for your devices like AC, TV etc using pre-installed Peel Smart Remote. A 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage to extend your experience with Gionee M5. OTG support is a must. All these features have eventually turned M5 as a phone you can actually live with.

Other recognized feature of M5 is it global recognition. Unlike Tecno and Infinix smartphones that are widely shipped to West and East African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya etc. Gionee M5 appears on the world leading mobile phone review website, gsmarena and also on gadget360. It gives buyers the reason to embrace a global smartphone just like Samsung, LG, HTC…

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