Google’s Self-Driving Car in Accident

Last Updated on March 1, 2016

Google’s car have gotten into several accidents in the past but in all those cases, a licenced human driver was the one controlling the vehicle.

However, for the first time,a Google car has gotten into a minor accident under the control of the AI in San Francisco. The report says that a Google Lexus Autonomous Vehicle(AV) signaled its intent to make a turn but was delayed because of sand bags in the street. It then decided to complete its turn assuming that a bus behind it would slow down.

The AV was travelling at 2mph and the bus about 15mph. that assumption made the AV touch the side of the bus as it passed by. There were no injuries but fringe cases like these are what makes designing AV so hard.

Google now needs to reprogram the cars to refrain from assuming that San Francisco buses will stop for them. LOL. In Nigeria, bus drivers are never impatient when it comes to traffic, now San Francisco’s drivers

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