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Google Street View – Take 360 Panorama Photos to the next level

Last Updated on December 22, 2017 by Shruba Aryan

In an earlier post, I wrote and praised Panorama 360 FB Share as the best Android app to take 360 photos because of its several advantages over other 360 photos apps. But today, Google Street View is a better choice.

Google Street View - Take 360 Panorama Photos
Photo / matadornetwork.com

Street View works together with Google Maps. They have transformed our ideas about going places and sharing these moments in a self-interactive photos. Google Street view is a free app and can be found on the Play Store.

How to use Google Street View

How to use Google Street View
Silicon valley – Four Seasons Hotel / ChuksGuide

With its integration with Google Maps, you can search street view of any location. This is helpful for travellers and tourist to take a 360 degree view of their intended locations.

To search for location under EXPLORE, enter the query into the search box. I was able to search and locate some places in Silicon valley – Four Seasons Hotel. Although the photos looked blurred but I know it was for some good reasons.

Taking a 360 Photos using Google Street View

Taking a 360 Photos using Google Street View
Taking 360 Photos with Google Street View / ChuksGuide

Tap on the floating camera icon and choose Camera. You have to follow the orange circles to map your location. You have to be adjusting your device in a 360 rotation to match those view points.

Your panorama photos will be ready for stitching once your points are matched. You can still terminate 360 view and save your current views.

You can decide to share your 360 photos on Google Street View community or set it as private. It is recommend that one share his/her 360 views to the world. you should come across featured 360 Street view listings on btab on your Street View app.

How to post 360 Photos on Facebook


  1. Open facebook
  2. Create a post or Choose to upload photos
  3. Select the location of your 360 photos
  4. Finish upload

Your friends will be opted to either tilt or rotate their devices to view your uploaded 360 photos.

Download Google Street View

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Updated on December 22, 2017

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