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How to hard reset Fero Iris

There are many reasons why you may wish to hard reset Fero Iris. Hard resetting your Android device is never a thing to fear. 
hard reset Fero Iris

Reasons to hard reset?

  • When your apps begins to hang so bad
  • When your internal memory becomes full
  • When you forget your security lock
  • To gain new look like those of new phones

How to hard reset Fero Iris

  1. Hold volume up button first, also hold the power button together till your phone vibrates. 
  2. Use the volume down and up button to select any recovery option.
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  4. Select “Wipe data / factory reset
  5. Press the power button to Choose it
  6. Scroll to choose YES
  7. Choose Reboot system now to boot your phone

Wait until data wipe is complete. Now choose Reboot system now.

Your device has successfully been restored to default settings.

Updated on August 11, 2017

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