How to use Facebook Color Background Text Properly

How to use Facebook Color Background Text Properly

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

How often do you use the Facebook Color Background Text Status? Like almost in all your status? or probably an average of 3 times in a week?

Facebook wants its users to express how they feel in more emotional style. That is why the yellow Miss on your status box always ask “What’s on your mind?” They wanna know how your day…, what you think and such like that. Sounds funny right ?

If I could be correct at the moment, my very own Facebook Color Background Text is currently 16 colours with inclusion of the default white background. Do I just say 15 Color Backgrounds? Yes…No!

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In this post, I have personally categorized these Facebook Color Backgrounds to their possible names, meanings and what occasions they might be useful. I hope Facebook won’t sue us for this name giving, ?.

At the end of this post, you should at least have redefined level of orientation on what Facebook might have possibly thought about using their coloured backgrounds for text status updates.

Although, I will be merging colour backgrounds that serve the same need and occasions.

Possible Meanings of Facebook Color Background Text Status

#1  Love, Happy moment

Facebook Color Background
Love and emotion background /ChuksGuide

The pinky heart bubbles and the red background are typical significant of love and expression of best moments. Love could be your partner, family or best friends. These two colour backgrounds can be use in almost same occasions.

For the pinky heart bubbles, lets say you want to bring to memory feelings either from partner, family or best friend. It could be used to show expression of one’s affection, level of care during your beloved birthday.

For the red background, it could be used to show ecstasy. You could say “I had fun with my family get together dinner today”, “Best friends are hard to find, I got you buddy”…

#2  The blue and red leafy, green backgrounds

Facebook Color Background
leafy background

These two leafy guys look like the vegetarians buddies );. That wasn’t serious at all. When you take a closer look at the leaves, they are in their early growth.

Conventionally, germinating leaves show hope for the future. So, in this context, they could be used to show some certainty, hope, good expectations. “Few days to graduate from college”, “Promotions on the way”

Same way goes with green background. It could detest success to the accomplishment of what the blue and leafy backgrounds indicated – “I passed my finals”

#3  Fingers in the air

This could indicate celebration or thanksgiving especially after birthdays, thanksgiving , appreciation. “I thank y’all that celebrated my birthday in different ways, Thank you”, “Thank you for your prayers, I’m well again”

#4 Two hands holding each other

This guy is not commonly used. It could be found reasonable in occasions like engagement, marriage, relationships or sometimes crush, best friends (which are usually opposite sex).

Someone might say “I just found her”, “It is not right for a man to be alone”

#5 Beach 

This is a fun type. Someone wants to ease the excitement about to get down. This is most common on weekends because they are the few days to be excited about.

Fridays, Saturday are the beach days. Don’t use it if you have no plans at all. Pool side? Yes!

Other Facebook Color Background Text

#6  Black background

This is mean. When someone changes profile picture to black, it either means that they are disappointed, angry or bereaved. Now, you know what to do with it.

#7 Abstract

Any text status that doesn’t fall in any of the above categories are abstract. They do not point directly to what they are meant to be. It is like figurative status.

#8 General purpose

The default white background, green-blue color, red-blue color can be used in any other circumstance. The green-blue color and red-blue color show mixed feelings.


You can add yours in the list or send me that tip.

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