Why Infinix HotSpot and Bluetooth turn off by itself

Why Infinix HotSpot and Bluetooth turn off by itself

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Lets assume that your mobile Hotspot and Bluetooth turn off by themselves when you seriously need them. Well, this is one of the commonest issue found in most Android phones especially those who firmwares have been altered. I could remember when my older HTC one X and a friend’s Tecno M3 used to behave the same way.

During our own experiences, My friend and I, what I did was hard reset the two devices. The issue came up because I unlocked my boot loader, set it to S-off and rooted my HTC one X. I believe I did mess up the device default configurations. For the Tecno M3 guy, I wouldn’t say that he attempted all these I did because I know he couldn’t. In his own case, my reason was that his device might have accumulated lots of cache files which are normal for Android phones. When you don’t regulated them, they pile up until they begin to react.

For your own case, I have a feeling that your device is either Infinix Hot or Note series. Right? It is not possibly a virus as many people claim to be. Also, it might not the other ones I did earlier with my one X. Here is my take concerning why your Hotspot and Bluetooth turn off by themselves when on use.

  • You might attempted root
  • You flashed your firmware to another version, Android 5 to 6, Android 6 to 7
  • You might have updated your firmware to beta version using Infinix Update feature on Settings
  • You have some piles of cached files that needed clean up

How do I fix Infinix HotSpot and Bluetooth turn off issue?

Either of the methods below might work for you.

  1. Reset Network Settings»Go to Settings
    » Backup & reset
    » Network settings reset
    » Tap Reset Settings
    This will reset all your network settings including your saved wifi, wifi settings, bluetooth, data
  2. Uninstall Babel fonts
  3. Hard reset Check the list of our hard reset options for your device here
  4. Full Firmware flash
    This wipes off every spot of your old Android version. You have to take your device to a phone specialist to handle this job.

One of the following will surely fix your Bluetooth and Hotspot issue.



7 responses to “Why Infinix HotSpot and Bluetooth turn off by itself”

  1. I’ve done what ever u say.. But it’s not working up to now..
    My problem ix, I have a infinix hot 4, but my Bluetooth and hostport can’t work..
    Plx help ohhh

  2. I have done everything you said but still my Bluetooth and hotspot is not working,for my hotspot if you on it after 5mins it will off itself my Bluetooth is can’t on at all

  3. Congratulations guys I’ve found out the way to finally turn it back on,with switching off….for more info Call__081*******

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