How to invite all your Facebook Friends to like your Page at once 2018

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

It is definitely very possible to invite all your Facebook Friends to like your Page in one click without using any software, browser extension or any other hacks that can compromise your Facebook account.

Inviting all your Facebook friends to like your page is usually useful for new Pages either to gain free Page followers in order to be able to change Page username or to let your friends know about your page in addition with followers.

We would not promote software that claim to trigger features that will invite all your Facebook friends to forcefully like your new Page.

Most time they don’t work and may compromise your Facebook account for abusing the invite privilege. You may be temporary be blocked or Page automatically be deleted.

In this guide, you will learn the official way to let all your friends get to know about your new business or Facebook Page with a single click. No privacy abuse, No account compromise, No risk.

Steps to invite all your Facebook Friends to like your Page without using any browser extension.

Before you continue, here are few things to note.

  1. Either use a PC or Mac and
  2. You must be Page admin

From your Facebook Page, there are many ways to invite your friends to like and follow your new Page. Any of them can work well. So it doesn’t matter which of them you see first.

Also note that this functionality of inviting all your Facebook Friends to like your Page without using a software or browser extension is more effective on new pages that are below 100 Likes. It doesn’t mean that it won’t work on old Pages.

For new Facebook Pages, the best time to invite all your friends at once is after you finished creating your page.

There’s a Page tips for new Pages on how to manage and grow audiences on their new Page.

Inviting all your Facebook Friends to like your Page at once

invite all your Facebook friends to like your page

  1. Login to Facebook using a PC (HP, Dell, Acer, Toshiba etc) or Mac
  2. Visit your Facebook Page to invite all your friends
  3. It is now time to click on the Invite Friends link. There are many Invite Friends buttons on every page. All of them work for the same purpose.
  4. From your Page home page, click on the three horizontal dots beside share button or choose other invite button from the image above.
  5. Click Invite Friends
  6. From the Invite Friends window that shows up showing all your friend lists in groups as Invited, not Invited and Selected.invite all your friends to like your page
  7. Move to Not Invited tab
  8.  Click Select All to select all your friends
  9. Then click Send Invitations
  10. Your invitation will automatically be sent to the selected friends as notification.

You can customize how your page invitation can be sent using Messenger option. With Messenger, you can invite your friends directly through Messenger instead of notifications.

But the Messenger option is limited to only 50 friends instead of sending to all your friends at once.

You will temporary be blocked from inviting friends to Facebook page when you try to misuse the privilege of mass Page invitation.

To avoid being temporarily blocked from inviting your friends to like your page, only use the invite all friends button once. Select all and send once. You can perform another mass invitation in the next 24 hours.

If you are blocked from using the invite option, do not panic. Leave your account at least 24 hours before you can use the mass invitation again.

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