Is Investing in Facebook Libra Coin Profitable in 2021?

Is Investing in Facebook Libra Coin Profitable in 2021?

Last Updated on February 15, 2021

Despite the dangling global launching date of the Facebook Libra coin, investors are still have keen interests on where to push their money on.

Facebook as being a multi-billion dollar business, the prosperity of the Libra coin is expected to be a potential investment and at the same time being compared whether it will surge to that of Bitcoin.

The truth is that Libra coin is not going to rake you a huge returm on investment just like other cyrptocurrency – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dodge.

The reason is because Libra coin is just like a hybrid currency in nature. Its value is tied to any legal tender like the dollar.

To hold and trade Libra, you’ll ought to use a “wallet”: an app which may be integrated into existing apps. This will work in a way to let several developers create their own wallets.

That’s one amongst many ways in which Libra can attempt to avoid the abuse or manipulative use of cryptocurrencies.

This isn’t a coin that you just obtain as a result of you think that it’ll grow a hundred times as valuable. It’s a lot of like exchanging a dollar for a monetary unit.

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