How to find the latest Legit Crypto Token Airdrops

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Finding the latest legit crypto token Airdrops is one of the many serious daily routine of crypto bounty hunters. They don’t want to miss any latest ongoing Airdrops.

But it is not just about the ongoing Airdrops. The major concern is also on the legit token Airdrops because there are a lot shit coin crap Airdrops. These shit coin Airdrops will only scrap out your email for their own benefit.

In this article, we have explained how one can find the legit Airdrops that is currently ongoing. You can check our article on how to choose Airdrops that has a  better chance to be listed on coin exchange.

Ways to the Latest Legit Crypto Token Airdrops

1. Twitter Airdrops hashtags

 latest Legit Crypto Token Airdrops

Twitter has proven to be a massive media awareness for cryptocurrency. It has the buzz to promote both existing coins and ICO.

The major advantage of getting the latest legit crypto Airdrops is from the hashtags. Almost all cryptocurrency use hashtags to promote their ICO. The popular of these hashtags are listed below;

To make good use of these hashtags, follow users that rank with the hashtags. You may also turn on notification for any of their tweets so that you don’t miss any Airdrops.

2. Telegram Token channels

 latest Legit Crypto Token Airdrops

Just like Twitter, Telegram has become more popular with its integration on bot and large number of group participants unlike on WhatsApp.

Every precoin (ICO) has either a Telegram group, channel, bot or all of them together. With Telegram, announcements can be made and pinned, bots can handle airdrops and more.

To make a good use of Telegram to finding latest legit crypto Airdrops, watch groups and channels that are shared on existing token groups.

Be careful not to join channels that equate a token to a dollar equivalent. Something like 1TXT  = $0.2 when the airdrops are from ico.

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3. Bitcoin Talk Forum

 latest Legit Crypto Token Airdrops

Bitcoin talk is one of them most popular cryptocurrency forum. It doesn’t just talk about bitcoin. It is a broad discussion board for bitcoin and all altcoins with strict moderation against spammers.

Visit Altcoin Marketplace to view discussions on Altcoins

4.  Airdropalert

5. Steemit

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