How to make money on Facebook Professional Mode

Last Updated on October 20, 2022

In our last post we solved the issues of professional mode not showing and how you can turn on Facebook professional mode. Now, we have discussed how you can make money on Facebook professional mode.

How does Facebook professional mode work?

It is just a new feature on how one can blend their personal profile into a professional look. It is almost same as turning on Twitter and Instagram professional profile.

You can manage the professional tools for your profile, and get insights about your followers, post reach and post engagement.

Here, you have access to more features of the platform. For Facebook, you have to option to make money with your contents as discussed below.

How to monetize contents with Facebook professional mode?

turn on facebook professional mode

Facebook has said that the monetization is based on eligibility standard. For the moment, Facebook users under the age of 18 aren’t eligible for monetization. There may be plan for everyone on Facebook to make money on Facebook professional mode.

  1. Ads on Facebook Reels
  2. In-stream Ads
  3. Subscriptions.

Making money on professional mode means you need to have contents. If you are a content creator, then make money from what you share to your friends on Facebook.

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