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How to mention non-Facebook friend in a post or comment

Just like other social media platforms, Instagram, Twitter, one can either tag or mention followers one’s posts. The same goes with Facebook. Facebook allows its users to either tag or mention friends in their posts or comments by simply typing the friend’s name or prefixing “@” before the name.

mention someone that is not in my Facebook friend list in my posts

But, on the other hand, it is not common to mention someone that is not in your Facebook friend list in your posts or comments. Why? Facebook is a circle that is controlled by users privacy and Facebook activity algorithm. Of course one can force this limitation of mentioning someone that is not your friend in your post.

Although you can mention Facebook pages and some groups (Open groups) in your posts or comments because they are public context.

How do I mention someone that is not in my Facebook friend list in my posts or comments?

It is just very simple. What you just need is a two simple tools. This post is for educational and testing purposes and never to infringe on Facebook users’ privacy control.

  1. Persons Profile ID and
  2. Findmyfbid.com


  1. Login to Facebook using computer or Facebook App
  2. Search the person you want to mention in a post or comment using Facebook search
  3. Click/Tap on the name to open person’s Facebook profile
  4. For computer, look at the url to find and copy the person’s Facebook profile address – https://www.facebook.com/sometexthere.
  5. For Android, tap on the vertical dots and choose Copy Link To Profile.

Now we assume that you have just grabbed the persons profile address


What next? We now need to convert the copied profile address into Facebook profile ID


facebook profile id
FindMyID /ChuksGuide
  1. Visit findmyfbid.com
  2. Paste the profile address you just copied into the textbox
  3. Click Find numeric Id button
  4. Now copy the Facebook profile id shown to you in the form of 11009928366

You have gotten the Facebook profile id.


It is time to mention that person on your post/comment


  1. Either make a post to mention the person or open a post to mention the post through comment
  2. Type @[person’s Facebook id:1] in this form @[11009928366:1]
  3. Then continue with your post or comment.
  4. When done, publish your post or comment.

And finally, you just mentioned someone that is not your friend on Facebook. You can mention someone that is not your Friend in a friend’s post when you are commenting. That is because you have gotten friends of friend relationship.

Feature outdated

The [FB Id : 0] trick has been outdated by Facebook recent updates. The @ still works for friends but not non friends


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Recommended update

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Updated on August 30, 2018

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