How to create multiple WhatsApp accounts on Android

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

WhatsApp is a good and best platform for instant messaging as a result of its fastness in terms of message delivery, light weight and common usage among many users.

The need to create multiple WhatsApp accounts is to privatize one’s personal phone number from business phone numbers. Instead of sharing one’s personal phone number to customers, students and clients on one’s WhatsApp account, it becomes better to segregate business channel.

This article is ideal for people having more than two business channels involving WhatsApp groups. A separate business can separate WhatsApp account. Having more than one WhatsApp account is formal and legal. In this article, we have shared four ways to expand one’s business social media channel with WhatsApp.

Creating multiple WhatsApp account on Android

Out of the four methods, there are just three simple tricks to do it. They include;

  1. Downloading WhatsApp from Play Store
  2. Using app cloning app called Parallel Space
  3. Using a modded WhatsApp called GBWhatsApp

1. Downloading WhatsApp from Play Store

This is just the normal way we install and use WhatsApp by going over to Play Store. This only allows one WhatsApp account to be created with it.

2. Using a modded WhatsApp called GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is a customized version of WhatsApp. It has many custom features more than that of WhatsApp we download from Play Store. Our need of GBWhatsApp is to enable us install and use a second WhatsApp right on our Android device. You cannot find GBWhatsApp on Play Store because it is a duplicate of WhatsApp and might be considered security flawed.

To download GBWhatsApp, follow this link for updated GBWhatsApp.

3. Using cloning app called Parallel Space

Create multiple WhatsApp accounts

Parallel Space creates a duplicate of any app installed on one’s Android phone. Just like GBWhatsApp that helps one install another WhatsApp side by side on one Android device, Parallel Space now acts as a new environment to handle cloned apps.

Parallel Space may be considered a better option than GBWhatsApp because of its security. Parallel Space only clone installed apps into a new environment and dependent on that very app. Once the app is uninstalled, the cloned version will also be erased. But in the case of GBWhatsApp, it is a total new with different app certificate.

The benefit of using both Parallel Space alongside GBWhatsApp is for users willing to create more than two WhatsApp accounts for their businesses.

How to create up to 4 WhatsApp accounts

Lets say you have installed both WhatsApp from Play Store and cloned (duplicated) it using Parallel Space you have installed. What you have now is two accounts in 2 different environments.

If you decide to download and install GBWhatsApp, then clone it just like you did earlier, now you have additional 2 WhatsApp accounts – Two on your Android screen and two on Parallel Space environment.

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