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MyAdDailyShare – Everything you need to know

Any time one spends a moment from one’s quality time to check on monetized blogs, websites, mobile apps and games, the creators of the platform make money.

As we all know the blogger, Linda Ikeji and how she made money only from her blog that turned everybody into blogging just because everybody wants the same testimony as her.

Currently she, Linda, makes money from companies paying for advert spaces on her blog. Aside from that, she also make money in dollars from her Google advertising, AdSense. That is two way money making method.

But there’s something interesting I would like you to understand. Whether people clicks on these adverts, she still make her money alone. If you like click or not, those companies and Google has just paid her.

Now, let me assume that you logon to Facebook on 3-4 days every week. You have seen some adverts from Facebook pages; these guys advertising on Facebook pay into Mark Zuckerberg’s account on either every person that views, clicks or even buys item from them.

The money only enters into Zuckerberg and the advertisers while they only use you to make their money. Every month, you subscribe at least N1000 for them to show ad to you and make money from your hard earned Naira. That’s how he became the 5th billionaire overnight.

MyAdDailyShare.com is an advertising site that offers various advertising tools as well as additional and unlimited earning opportunities to members and partners through revenue sharing.

AdDailyShare (ADS) offers unique services that are tailored to cater for business owners, mobile advertisers, online markets, marketing companies, advertising agencies, traffic generators, network marketers, crypto currency exchanges and online advertising and solutions to needs of small businesses and individuals. We provide professional support, innovative ideas, instant services and customers’ oriented business.

Unlike Linda Ikeji blog and Facebook that don’t pay you any dime for viewing and clicking on their adverts, MyAdDailyShare reverse the case for you.

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MyAdDailyShare allows member to get paid either from viewing adverts, visiting websites, take surveys, completing offers from ads, referring others to join or from weekly bonuses.

MyAdDailyShare! Is FREE to join and be earned from as long as you have an internet enabled smartphone, Tablet or PC.

The first thing to do is sign up on www.myaddailyshare.com.

The form will request for your details like

  • Full name
  • Working email address to send activation link
  • Working phone number to confirm you account
  • Recruiter email address
  • Referral email address

When registered, you simply login to your dashboard and update your bank details for direct money transfer. It supports all banks in Nigeria except Micro finance. MyAdDailyShare is only available to Nigerians at the moment.

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Updated on April 26, 2018

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  1. What is the difference between the referral and recruiter email address

    1. Referral email address is the direct email address of the first person to refer someone
      Recruiter email address is the second indirect email address of the person recruiting someone.

      If Mr A invited Mr B to join ADS, then A is the referral, If B now invite Mr C just like A invited him, then Mr B is the referral of C. But if C has not invited anyone and A willingly offer to give him Mr D, then A is the referral while B is the recruiter.

      I hope you found it useful

      1. Yes indeed, thank you. I also wanted to ask, what happens when you watch ads but you haven’t gotten an adpack yet, can u still get paid without an adpack

        1. You will be credited when you watch ads but you can’t widthdraw them if you haven’t bought an adpack.

          You can still use the money from view ads to purchase an adpack

  2. Please what affects the amount you get per surf, cause sometimes it’s 0.6 USD and sometimes 0.7 USD, what’s the cause. Thank you

    1. The amount you get per surf is dependent on the amount of bids by the advertiser.

      1. Playing, can I get your number to call you. I have some questions to ask.

  3. Hello excuse me sir, i tried to withdraw and it told me insufficient fund but my surf have reach 30dollars

    1. Hello Alex

      You need to contact an admin from your dashboard. Hover to the menu and choose contact.

      You will be guided on what to do.

  4. Hello what is the essence of surfing if i can’t withdraw it.what then can i withdraw

    1. If you have any issue with the platform, kindly go to their website and contact them. Chuksguide is not affiliated with them.


    1. If you have any issue with the platform, kindly go to their website and contact them. Chuksguide is not affiliated with them.

    1. If you have any issue with the platform, kindly go to their website and contact them. Chuksguide is not affiliated with them.

  6. But was it not the surf that i can withdraw. Why then can’t i wotjdraw it

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