How to fix Infinix not charging and charger not working

How to fix Infinix not charging and charger not working

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

You are here either because your Infinix phone refuse to charge after Nougat beta updates or your charger not working. Not to worry because this post covers two different Infinix charging issues alongside with charger.

There are different reasons why you experience Infinix device not charging and charger not working correctly. In this post, i have written ways to fix the issues as below.

How to fix Infinix not charging after Nougat beta updates

As we all know that most Infinix users have experienced lots of update issues as a result of upgrading to Nougat beta updates. I have also written down some reasons why one should not update Nougat beta updates for Infinix

Here is the issue; your Infinix refuses to charge whenever you phone is turned on but it charges whenever it is turned off. Also, when you plug in your charger, your phone noticed it but cannot charge.

To fix these, kindly follow the following steps

  1. Shut down your phone
  2. Press and hold the Volume up button together with the Power button
  3. Release your finger as soon as it shows up XOS No command screen
  4. Tap and hold on the Volume button then power button to unlock recovery mode. Use Volume buttons to navigate the recovery mode and Power button to choose a recovery option.
  5. Clear Cache Partition
  6. Then reboot
  7. If the problem persists, then repeat the process to step 4. Then select Wipe data and factory reset
  8. Then reboot.

I hope that solves the issue. But if it still fails, you have to revert back to your old OS. If you never back up before updating to Nougat beta version, then your phone should need the attention of a good phone technician.

How to fix Charger not working, Charger not charging

This issue is probably either from the charger or charging port. It does not matter if you charger is an original Infinix charger because the cable from Infinix original develops problem as you use it at the tip pf the charger.

To figure out this, you can switch charger from your neighbor to troubleshoot the problem. The best way to do this is trying with another cable or entirely another charger. If the charger works on another phone but fails to work on yours, then it should be the charging port. It requires replacement.

But if it charges it, you have to find a better charger or perhaps go for another original Infinix charger for your device.

I hope this was helpful to you. Help us share!


6 responses to “How to fix Infinix not charging and charger not working”

  1. what if it is completely battery low and its at 0 percent and all the chargers in the house are not working

  2. thank you Aryan.
    it worked.
    my phone has been acting up for some days now and not charging, after following the step by step guide…it is charging now.smiles

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