Ofia Super Bass : A sensational affordable earphone for you

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

An affiliate marketer can coin up favorable reviews on his demanding product whether it truly satisfies the claims or not. Akin to that, Ofia Super Bass earphone is neither a sponsored item nor affiliate product – It’s a testimonial claim.

Ofia Super Bass earphone is an affordable earphone  that gives you the listening pleasure you have need. Ofia is not the best, Beats by Dre is quite not challenging here, but it has better advantages cum cheap price.

Ofia super bass earphone
Ofia super bass earphone ©ChuksGuide

Features of Ofia Super Bass Earphone

Ofia Super Bass is device non selective. It works in all devices – iPhones, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Tecno, Infinix, Nokia s40s & s60s, Chinese phones, nokia torch light phones, mp3 etc. Ofia has a toggle to switch to any device in order to render better sound effects

Ofia device toggle
Ofia device toggle ©ChuksGuide

This earpiece is created with the best innovation and durable technology, providing outstanding sound quality, with a lovely crafted shape and style, built for portability and convenience. When you talk about sound quality, Ofia is at the top. It filters sound in a super bass quality. Treble is insignificant when compared to bass output.

Another additional feature of Ofia super Bass is ability to make and receive calls. It also has a call answer button. This button can be used as a pause/play/next shortcut. Press once to pause and play then press twice to skip to next track. The button is at the top before the device toggle button.

You can buy Ofia Super Bass at retail shop closest to you from N500 -N800 depending on retail bargain. Online stores sell at N1,900 which might include shipping costs.

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