Leaking your personal information through Social Engineering

Last Updated on December 7, 2016

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Have you heard about Social Engineering?
Well, it is a trick or what we call curiosity of a friend over other friends.
You might be wondering “What is social engineering?”.
Social engineering is that cunning or I too care manipulation by one over the other on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…
Social engineering is an activity of unauthorized crackers/hackers into exploiting human kindness, greed and curiosity to gain confidential information about their login details.

How does social engineering activity happens?

On Facebook, we used to accept friend requests from public – people you hardly know in real life. In the process to knowing each other better, some personal information are exchanged.
Here, you may talk about your nicknames, best friends, your dos and don’t, sometimes birthday and probably your mobile number. These information are most wanted by social engineers.
It is now left for him/her to work on cracking your passwords through password cracking techniques. You are probably not safe!

How do I avoid being tricked through social engineering?

Stay restricted to public details sharing. Your mobile number, nickname + birth year, likes and dislikes may be your password.
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