How to Personalize Facebook Profile Page and Timeline

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Wants to change the way your profile information are displayed on your profile page and timeline? then it is about time you personalize and customize how your profile page looks to viewers (Friends, friends of friends or public).

customize facebook profile timeline

There are many ways to customize your Facebook profile page. Facebook keeps adding cool features and still adding almost every week. Conventionally, one can personalize one’s profile cover, add frames, upload profile video and profile pictures. Aside these features, one can as well extend the personalization to Timeline Bio, Timeline quick details, Featured Photos.

Personalize Facebook Profile Page and Timeline

Here’s how to begin personalization on your Facebook  Timeline

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Get hold of your Facebook for Android. Make sure that it is somewhat updated. This necessarily don’t count anyway. Now, I will assume that we know how to change profile cover, add frames, upload profile video and profile pictures.



Bio is a summary of what your Facebook account says. You have to summarize your ability, skill or some personal quote within a 101 character length.

  1. To edit bio on Facebook, 
  2. Open your Timeline with your Facebook for Android
  3. Tap on EDIT BIO
  4. Enter your content and tap save

You bio can be changed to number of times.


This customizes your intro to your friends and public. The options you select to appear on your timeline are already parts of your profile details.

The categories in your edit details include – Work, Educatio, Current city, Relationship, Hometown, Followers, websites, social links and year on Facebook.

You can make multiple selections by ticking on the details. Save once you are done.


Featured photos would look like they are tagged photos. You can identified featured photos by no post engagements – no likes, no comments. They are just there to beautify your timeline from profile visitors.

To add featured photos, move over to your profile and select photos to add. You would need 5 photos to feature on your Facebook timeline.

Hope you find it useful? YES!


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