Real Ways To Make Money Online

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Have you been searching for ways to make real cash over the web? Your search is over as we have taken our time to compile some of the sure ways of making a living over the internet.

Below are the list of the ways or methods but in our subsequent posts, we will be breaking them down one after the other. So relax and follow us while we give you the top secrets no professional can unveil to you

✓ Freelancing (writing, design, SEO, Coding, etc)
✓ Blogging (blogging to grow an audience)
✓ Selling your own stuff (eBay, Etsy, etc)
✓ Starting A YouTube Channel (Grow an Audience & make money from Adsense)
✓ Affiliate Marketing (Selling other people’s products in exchange for a commission)

✓ CPA Marketing (Getting paid without having to generate a sale)
✓ Creating An eBook (writing an eBook and selling it on Kindle or Barnes & Nobles)

✓ Music (you can create and sell your sound packs online)
✓ WhiteHat Hacking (usually these kind of hackers work with Anti-Virus Companies)
✓ PPC Advertising (running campaigns on ppc platforms like Google Adwords)

✓ Consultancy (If you are an expert on a complicated topic)
✓ Mastermind Groups (it can be a private facebook group or a private forum)
✓ Forex Trading (you can make a lot of money as a stock broker)
✓ Developing WordPress Themes (Coding WP themes using HTML and CSS)

✓ Creating Membership Sites (and making money on a monthly recurring basis)
✓ Selling websites on Flippa (selling websites with potential on flippa)
✓ Selling A eCourse on Udemy (you can charge up to $300)
✓ Developing Mobile Apps (Programming iOS & Android Applications)

✓ TeeSpring Campaigns (Making and selling T-Shirts Online via paid advertising)
✓ Email Marketing (Grow a BIG list of subscribers and sell to them everyday)
✓ Paid Surveys (I don’t like this method but some of them are paying well)
✓ Selling Photos (if you like Photography, then you can make a lot of money)
✓ Start Podcasts (and sell them on iTunes)

✓ Develop A Software (and sell it here on WSO, JVZoo or ClickBank)
✓ Products Creation (wether it’s digital or physical, you can make a lot of money)
✓ Answering Questions (you can make money by answering questions on KGB)
✓ Guest Blogging (some websites pay up to $150 for a single article)
✓ Editing (checking writing mistakes, proof-reading, etc)

✓ Language Teaching (if you are a native speaker, you can teach people online)
✓ Teaching & Coaching (if you are an expert, you can work as a tutor online)
✓ Graphic Design (good graphic designers typically earn more than $500 per project)
✓ Drop-shipping (you can make money without keeping products in store)
✓ Cashback Sites (cashback works by making you an affiliate of an affiliate!
✓ Market Research (focus groups and trying products before anyone else)
✓ Mystery Shopping (working offline while you get paid online is amazing
)✓ SEO Agency (offering your SEO services to businesses online)
✓ Ghostwriting (writing content for other people)

✓ Translation (if you know well more than two languages, you can help people out)
✓ Voice-Over (if you have a sexy voice, then you are very lucky)
✓ Virtual Assistants (offering your services as a remote assistant)
✓ PTC Sites (for people who don’t mind clicking on Ads all day!

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