How to recover Diamond Bank Internet Banking ID effectively

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

This article will walk you through on how to recover Diamond bank internet banking ID more effectively. This option will work even if you have not activated internet banking on your new device as long as you have registered for internet banking service.

Below are few things needed to recover Diamond Bank Internet Banking ID

  • An internet enabled smartphone
  • Diamond bank mobile app
  • Your bank Account number
  • Your ATM card number
  • Your Diamond bank registered phone number should be available to receive your internet banking ID

If you have the above requirements, then you are good to recover to your internet banking id within a short time. If you currently don’t have a smartphone at the moment, you can make use of anyone else. You don’t need to worry about your details being stolen because what we only need internet banking app is to help us recover your banking id.

Steps to recover Diamond Bank Internet Banking ID

  1. Turn on your mobile network
  2. Download and install Diamond bank mobile banking app here. Move to the next step if already installed
  3. Open the installed Diamond bank mobile banking app
  4. Tap on Forgot Login Details
  5. Tap on Forgot internet banking ID
  6. Now bring out your Diamond bank ATM debit card and account number. If your ATM card has expired or not yet activated, it will still work.
  7. Now, input both the Account number and ATM card number into their respective boxes
  8. Then tap Continue

Your Diamond Bank Internet Banking ID will be sent to your phone bearing your registered phone number.

21 responses to “How to recover Diamond Bank Internet Banking ID effectively”

    • Visit the bank to recover your internet banking ID by filling a simple form. Then you can get a new ATM as well

  1. I filled in the details of my account number and. ATM card correctly ,but it’s still saying incorrect details

  2. am tired of this bank i cant transfer money home my mobile app is not working for me in holland what can i do is telling me wrong acct num and card num am tired.

  3. I want to no my banking user ID
    And I have done what they ask me to do and they said invalid account number and card number

  4. I lost my internet bunk id and am trying to contact the bank,number is not working so i want the bank to reset it for me

  5. My account number and card numbers are correct, Mine is telling me invalid, really annoying… I’ve tried countless times.

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