The best ways to restore hacked Facebook Account without email

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

A lot of Facebook accounts are compromised everyday and it keeps repeating. There is still hope to restore hacked Facebook account without losing all your private details to the hacker.

Although, there are several ways keep your Facebook Account safe from Hackers to which we have shared in one our articles. Click here to learn and them.

In this article, we have shared the best way one can restore their hacked facebook accounts even when the hacker has changed their Facebook email, username, password and phone number.

Previously, someone would tell you to report your Facebook account once it has been hacked by someone else while others will advice you to tell your friends to start broadcasting the incident on your timeline.

There is also a feature that let someone whose account has been compromised to take immediate step to recover their hacked facebook account.

This feature will work only when your email or phone number has not been changed. We also discussed it in this guide too.

How to restore hacked Facebook account whose email, phone number has been changed by the hacker.

1. Pretend like nothing has happened

The first thing to do when you notice that someone has taken control of your Facebook account without your permission is to pretend like nothing has happened.

Yes just pretend. When you raise alarm by either telling your friends to start posting and sharing their scam alerts, commenting on your past posts or recent posts by the hacker and everybody eventually knows what happen, the hacker may take a total control of your account permanently.

Taking total control of your account can be by changing your username, email, phone number and password if they have got your password to do that. The worst is to delete your account.

2. Switch back to another device that you have logged in before

This is optional to users that have limited places they have logged in. If you have logged in to your Facebook account using either a web browser or someone’s device, then you might be lucky to pull the hijacker down.

This option is even applicable if your login details username, email or password has not been changed at all. To check these, just try login to your account. If it goes through without complaining about wrong login details, then you are the boss now.

Quietly move to your account settings and changed your password. After changing your password, you have to enable some Facebook security features like 2 factor authentication. Click here to read how to implement them on your account. They are very simple.

For a more stronger password to choose, you may need to learn how Long Will It Take Hackers to crack your Password. This will give you a focus of what is happening.

3. If you can’t login to your account, then try to reset your Facebook account password

restore hacked facebook account 2018

Most times, Facebook password reset links fail to be delivered to one’s email especially during the time of urgency.

If couldn’t receive a password reset link to restore hacked facebook account even when your email is shown on the password reset page then follow the next option.

4. Claim your compromised Facebook account

recover restore hacked facebook account

To claim one’s compromised Facebook account shows that you want to complain to Facebook that your account has been messed with by someone you don’t know.

To claim your hacked facebook account, what you need to do is simply visit and follow the instructions.

5. Submit your ID to restore your hijacked Facebook account.

restore hacked facebook account email deleted

This option is the only hope when one cannot access their Facebook account. What you do here is to upload your ID as a proof of ownership of your account.

Click here to view the list of ID that are accepted by Facebook


To start submitting your ID to Facebook, visit

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