How to Root Android One Click without PC

Last Updated on December 14, 2020

Still confused about rooting Android phones? Easiest way to root almost every Android versions?

Okay! Let me take it to you in a common way. Your class has a class prefect who takes your class responsibility to class master(form master). Your class prefect has an upper hand which takes him to your teachers before classes and all that. But you are only limited to receiving classes and asking questions during classes.

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Now, rooting is same way as requesting for an upper hand or permission using superuser(class prefect) from your Android kernel/Operating system (Class head) to perform certain function limited to conventional Android users (You). When an Android phone is rooted, it is said to have root access using a tool called SuperUser/Super SU.

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There has been many ways to root Android but my reliable method that has worked without a PC and works on almost all Android versions is KingoRoot. KingoRoot is not just a rooting app for Android only, it works also Windows, as a battery saver and a superuser.

KingoRoot APK offers every user the fastest and most convenient Android rooting experience. It saves you the trouble of connecting to PC. Just a few steps can get you a rooted Android device in minutes. It is significant because it checks for rooting tools online before your device is rooted.

To root Android device, download KingoRoot from the link below. Open and click GET ROOT. In some seconds, your device should be rooted. it is very simple. No expertise required.

Download Links for KingoRoot

KingoRoot APK
KingoRoot for Windows


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