Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 review

Last Updated on December 19, 2015

With its latest Android tablets, Samsung has decided the only way to beat its big rival Apple is to meet it head-on in every respect. The Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 has the same size screen, the same screen resolution and is the same price as the iPad Air 2 while this, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0, has the same size screen, the same screen resolution and is the same price as, you guessed it, the iPad Mini 4.

Build quality

The tablet feels incredibly thin and light, and is a real pleasure to hold and use. Compared to the 9.7in version, the 8in Galaxy Tab S2 is easier to hold one-handed in portrait mode, and the fact you can more easily stretch your fingertips round the side of the tablet makes your hold feel more secure. Which display size you prefer will be a matter of taste, of course – some in the office much prefer larger tablet screens for watching films – but at least you don’t lose out on any screen resolution by opting for the smaller model.


In terms of size and resolution, the Galaxy Tab S2 8.0’s display matches its Apple rival. It’s an 8in 2,048×1,536 model with a 4:3 aspect ratio; until recently most Android tablets had 16:9 screens, but squarer 4:3 displays are becoming more popular. Some would argue that 16:9 screens are better for watching films, but I find the 4:3 aspect ratio more agreeable when browsing the web with the tablet in portrait mode.


Processor: Octa-core 1.9GHz + 1.3GHz Samsung Exynos Octa 5433
Screen size: 8inches
Screen resolution: 2,048×1,536
Rear camera: 8 megapixels
Storage (free): 32GB (23GB)
Wireless data: 4G +£40
Size: 135x199x5.6mm
Weight: 389g
Operating system: Android 5.0.2

Image credit : AndroidCentral
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